Welcome to the home of children's author Yvonne Morrison

I also write books for adults under the name Yvonne Morrin…

(because w
hen I gained a husband I lost two letters!)

About Me

I’ve always been into writing, but the stories I created at school were about my cats, who I wrote about as if they were my brothers and sisters. My teachers thought I was delusional! The first book I had published was a science book about microscopes, which I wrote when I was a scientist, a long time ago now.

I’ve been a meteorologist, scientist, dance instructor, primary school teacher and zookeeper as well as an author. Basically, I have never known what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out!

What I Write

Trade Picture Books

I've had a few published, a few rejected, and there's always a few in the pipeline.

Educational School Books

These are commissioned books, written to a brief for ages five to twelve, on a range of non-fiction topics.

Middle Fiction Books

Early fiction books in chapters, for readers aged eight to twelve.

Books for Adult Readers

I've only written a couple so far, but plan to write more.


“Yvonne Morrison sure knows how to tell a story and she gives readers a delightful twist on the traditional tale that is full of humour and a dash of sarcasm. ”
My Best Friends Are Books
“This is a really fun story to read and my daughter really does love it. She made me read it again that night while she had her bath and again as her bed time story. In fact we have read it so many times now, I possibly know it off by heart..”
Tess, Kiwi Reviews
“The story of Goldilocks and the three bears with interruptions from an all knowing child. Wonderfully funny. Would appeal to anyone aged 5+ (especially parents of children going through the "very literal" stage.”
Nella, Good Reads