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I have been very lucky to have worked with some brilliant illustrators. Here are some of my books. Many of them are available from online retailers - just search for the title.          

Little Red Riding Hood (Not Quite) 

Take one traditional fairy tale and one infuriatingly cheeky (albeit knowledgeable) child, and mix with the talented writing of Yvonne Morrison and the funny and creative illustrations of Donovan Bixley ...and you have a recipe for fall-off-your-chair hilarity!

The Three Bears (Sort Of) 

WINNER NZ POST CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARD: CHILDREN’S CHOICE, 2014 WINNER WESTERN AUSTRALIA YOUNG READERS’ BOOK AWARD: PICTURE BOOK, 2014 Once upon a time, there were three bears ... What kind? Huh? What kind of bears? Grizzly bears? Sun bears? Polar bears? Um ...the last one. And they lived in the woods ... Polar bears don't live in the woods. They live in the Arctic. Fall out of your chair laughing as a cheeky child questions every aspect of the classic story of 'The Three Bears'.

Three Wallabies Gruff

A family of wallabies flees the dusty plains in search of a home that's leafy and cool. They can't believe their luck when they stumble upon a place with luscious green trees and a sparkling pool. There's just one problem. A fearsome Yowie lives under the bridge! Are the wallabies clever enough to ensure their own slice of paradise? Or will the yowie gobble them up?

Llama Drama

"Pam was an easily bored sort of llama, who took every chance to stir up some drama." The other llamas all roll their eyes at Pamela's antics until, one day, she is spotted as a potential star.        

The Emu that Laid the Golden Egg

A hungry emu eats what she thinks is some corn...and ends up laying a golden egg! Then two scoundrels lock her up and try to make her lay some more. But soon something strange happens - and everyone learns it doesn't pay to be greedy!             

Out in the City

Many creatures share Australian city spaces-possums, cane toads, snakes, lorikeets, fruit bats, magpies and even kangaroos! This engaging book tells children about these creatures and how they react with, and sometimes surprise, the human population!             

Mind Your Gramma! 

Gramma asks me about my day, and I say, "Me and my friend played soccer." She says, "My friend and I played soccer." I say, "At your age?"Kids and adults alike will laugh aloud at this series of hilarious misconstruals between a child and her grandmother as Gramma corrects the child's grammar!      

Wacko Kakapo

A New Zealand version of Chicken Little. Wacko Kakapo, Peewee Kiwi, Go- Getter Weta and friends set off to tell Tane Mahuta that the sky is falling. But when they all fall into the clutches of Gotta-Gloat Stoat, they have to use their wits to escape. A wonderful read-aloud, illustrated with stunning characters by the talented illustrator Donovan Bixley.           

The Cocky Who Cried Dingo 

The raucous tale of a cheeky cockatoo who decides that pulling a few pranks on his fellow birds will liven things up. Of course, the prank backfires when no one believes his cries for help, and a real dingo pins him down by his precious yellow crest. All ends well . and cocky learns his lesson. Or does he?

Town Possum, Outback Possum 

Outback possum loves to chew leaves and watch sunsets. Town possum loves adventure and fun. When outback possum visits his cousin in town, and experiences a bit of high adventure and a few close shaves, he decides that the quiet life is the life for him. He heads happily home to his tree in the outback where life will be quite and peaceful once again...or has something changed?

The Aussie Night Before Christmas 

Twas the night before Christmas; there wasn't a sound/ Not a possum was stirring; no one was around/ We'd left on the table some tucker and beer/ Hoping that Santa Claus soon would be here. Every line of this traditional verse has been remodelled, replete with Aussie references.

Brucie Saves Christmas

Brucie the joey loves reading books and doing science reports - how can he help Santa fly the Ute on Christmas Eve? But when a catastrophe occurs that will surely prevent Santa from delivering the presents, Brucie must use all his smarts to save the day!

My Aussie Mum 

An Aussie mum does her best every day and in every way. If she's not playing netball or cheering on her kids at cricket, she is looking after her sick children and being a chauffeur and more, all without breaking a sweat...well, sort of.       

My Aussie Dad 

My Aussie Dad is happy, playing cricket on the sand...Even if his time at bat does not go quite as planned. My Aussie Dad likes thinking that his barbie skills are tops...Even if the snags have burst, or if he's burnt the chops! A playful and humorous story of the jovial, the kind, the slightly embarrassing and the wholly lovable Aussie Dad. My Aussie Dad is GREAT! What about yours?           

A Kiwi Night Before Christmas

The weather is fine and hot and the family is staying at the bach for the Christmas holidays when a white-haired man in black singlet and shorts appears in the sky riding on a tractor drawn by six sheep. This is the ultimate read-aloud for Christmas in New Zealand.

A Kiwi Jingle Bells

A Kiwi version of the popular song celebrating Christmas at the beach. Includes song and story CD.

Out in the Bush

Out in the bush, in a stream in the sun, lived a mother platypus and platypup one. "Swim!" said the mother, "I swim!" said the one, so they swam in the stream, sparkling in the setting sun. Go walkabout in the bush and see who else you can find as you count from one to ten.      

Out in the Ocean

Out in the ocean, underneath the dazzling sun, Lived a playful mother dolphin and her little dolphin one, "Flip!" said the mother, "I flip!" said the one, So they flipped above the waves, underneath the dazzling sun. Go swimming out in the ocean and see who else you can find as you count from one to ten.

The Ugly Hatchling

A greedy stoat thinks his luck's in when he finds himself a nice big kiwi egg ...but in his haste to get away he stumbles and the egg rolls into a pukeko's nest. In this Kiwi version of The Ugly Duckling, the young kiwi that hatches doesn't understand why he looks different, and why, when he want to gallivant around at night, all the pukekos want to sleep!       

The Tuatara and the Skink 

The New Zealand version of the fable The Tortoise and the Hare. In this version it’s the slow native tuatara and the quick little skink that are pitted against each other to prove that ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

The 12 Days of Holidays

Following the format of The Twelve Days of Christmas, this book begins when the school holidays begin, and each day Mum gets more and more frustrated with a child who keeps watching TV, while the house gets more and more messy.

Down in the Forest

The traditional tale Over in the Meadow is a classic. In Down in the Forest the author takes this structure and retells it featuring native forest flora and fauna. Down in the forest, seeking shelter from the sun, lived a brown mother kiwi and her little kiwi one. Sleep!" said the mother. "I sleep!" said the one. So they slept all day in their shelter from the sun.

Kiwi Mums

There are all kinds of Kiwi Mums, and Yvonne Morrison and Ross Kinnaird take a light-hearted look at some of them, glorying in their cultural diversity! Kids and adults alike will enjoy this humorous look at what makes a Kiwi Mum.     

Kiwi Dads

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this humorous look at what makes a Kiwi Dad. Hilarious illustrations by award-winning illustrator, Ross Kinnaird.
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