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Some of my favourite authors include: Christopher Moore, Christopher Brookmyre, Christopher Fowler, Christopher Buckley (hmm, spotting a theme here), Jasper Fforde, P.G. Wodehouse, Bill Fitzhugh, Stephen Fry, Joe Keenan, Carl Hiaasen, Lisa Lutz, A. Lee Martinez and Gideon Defoe. See my bookshelves on Shelfari and Goodreads!

Unlucky Stiff

Genre: Supernatural Humour Description: A light, breezy read - readers who enjoy Christopher Moore books will probably like this. Blurb: Sam Shore is finally beginning to make a success of his life. Out celebrating, he makes a fatal mistake – and later that night dies, struck on the head by a potted plant. Eighteen hours later, Sam recovers – only to be shot dead by a mugger. As death continues to haunt him, Sam becomes increasingly confused by his situation. Meanwhile, a gorgeous goth with a vampire obsession starts to stalk Sam, while her brother and his nerdy friends decide that he must be slain. And then Sam wakes up in the morgue to find a pretty beautician making up his face… With two beautiful women interested in him, an estranged dad to comfort, a publisher breathing down his neck and five dweeby teenagers out to murder him, how is Sam to get his life back on track? Availability: At Amazon for Kindle At Smashwords for most devices (epub, html, pdf and more) US $2.99

The Last Resort

Bonus for Readers - click here! Genre: Supernatural Humour Description: A crazy character piece - readers who enjoy A. Lee Martinez books will probably like this. Blurb: Chased from an Austrian cliff-top castle by an angry mob armed with pitchforks and torches – where can a zombie run to for safety? Hunted down by a headmaster with a silver-bullet-loaded rifle –what’s a boarding school matron – turned werewolf – to do? Weary of jumping out from behind pyramids, half-heartedly cursing tourists – how’s an ancient mummy to fill his time? The answer is found at the ancestral home of vampire Victor Romanoff, located on a remote island in the Eastern European country of Mortavia. Here, a motley assortment of B-movie monsters, ghosts and more find refuge and retirement - until the castle is threatened by a greedy property developer. How can the residents see off the threat without resorting to their old ways? Availability: At Amazon for Kindle At Smashwords for most devices (epub, html, pdf and more) US $2.99

Becoming the People I Hate

Genre: A humorous non-fiction look at aspects of popular culture. Description: Silly scenarios in the style of Tony Hawks. Blurb: Fifteen chapters planned; twelve written so far.
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